The Commissions

My commission assignments are pieces using personal items and favorite spirits from your collection.  We will work closely together to establish a concept for your piece(s).  Once that is completed, I will start working on the composition.   I will send you a few proofs of what I have done for you to let me know if I am on the right track or if there are a few changes. After the final image is selected and approved, we will discuss size, framing, delivery, etc.

What I'll Need:

- Bottles and corks (empty helps but not necessary) 

I have quite a few bottles and access to many wine merchants and collectors.  If I can not locate your specific wine and vintage, I will then need the bottle(s) shipped to me.  I will FedEx you a wine box for safe transport.  I have a wine cellar that will keep it at the right temp until needed. Unless you insist, I promise I will not drink it. ;-)

- Personal Items (optional)

This will include any small item that you may want included in the piece. This can and has included items such as a pair of cuff links, a scalpel, corkscrews, records, hole–in-one golf score card, lapel pin, a compound bow, cowboy boot spur, a soccer ball, or a photo of your horse.  I have access to many things, but if I can not obtain it, it will need to be sent to me.

- Price

Pieces start at $1000. Please contact for details.