The Artist - Marcus Ryan

                                         Photographic Artist Marcus Ryan

                                         Photographic Artist Marcus Ryan

A Little About Me 

...Let’s see...I am a Gemini. I like long walks on the beach, reading and...wait, what am I writing again?....oh yeah....

While growing up in “The Big City of Dreams”, Albany, Georgia, my passion for photography began as it often does for most, as a hobby. I would sneak my mom’s camera to take pictures of things that interested me- friends at school, cars, pretty girls- you know... the  usual guy stuff.  My artistic eye and skills have since developed from that point  and now I have immersed myself into the illustrative realm of fine art and commercial photography.

My process begins with a staged photo in my studio and then I print the images on a textured canvas.  Each piece is uniquely enhanced with an acrylic and gesso mixture to show texture and enhanced color. Then a custom frame is built for the canvas to be stretched across and varnished for protection from UV rays and dust.

My art is inspired by great relationships and the attributes I admire in them like intellect and authentic confidence. To me, wine parallels our interactions and how we connect with one another.  Artworks, like people and relationships, are introduced to you, and some you like, some you don't. Some go "bad" and are discarded, to never be seen again...But the fun happens when we share in small intimate groups or are paired with a life partner, grilled lamb shoulder or hand-rolled cigar from a remote location.

 I used to refer to myself as a ‘self taught” photographer...but in reality, we do not actually teach ourselves; we learn through life lessons and personal experiences.  We are then able to use those experiences to color our thoughts and guide our actions and, for me, project them into ART.  So with that, I am an Artist of Life. 

It was a pleasure speaking with you and I hope that one day our paths will cross and we can share stories, a hug and YOUR favorite bottle.

See you soon,